Who Is Billy Wiz?

Billy Wiz is recognised as one of the leading children's entertainers in Plymouth, Devon and the UK.  As a full-time professional entertainer for more than 30 years he guarantees a top-quality show, no matter whether the occasion is for children's birthday parties, weddings, Christmas shows or even summer fetes & galas. Billy wows children with his funny magic tricks and entertains them with his crazy, silly humour. But the icing on the cake is Dusty, Billy's cheeky rabbit. Dusty gets up to some hilarious antics at Billy's expense, and the children's delight! All of this creates a sure-fire hit show every time.

Children's Entertainer Plymouth




Billy's passion is his magical tours to Belarus & Ukraine


Orphanage for disabled children


Children's Cancer Hospital


Hi '5's' in an orphanage

Orphanage for disabled children


Billy Wiz & the children of Chernobyl


For the 20th anniversary of the Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster in 2006, Billy Wiz joined a charity called 'Chernobyl Children's Lifeline' and took a small part of his show to Belarus, with the aim of making some smiles on the faces of the many children in cancer hospitals and orphanages. After that first trip, he was hooked, and immediately made plans to return as soon as possible. Since then, Billy Wiz and his friend Clive (Emazdad the magician) have been busy organising various events including variety shows, golf competitions, sponsored walks and more to raise the funds required. As well as his own fund raising events, many companies, friends and family have also helped with fund raising events.

With the help of his magic and balloon modelling, Billy brings happiness to so many children, even for a short time, giving them the chance to forget about their illnesses etc. To date, Billy Wiz has performed 124 shows during eight tours in orphanages, hospitals and village schools. His most recent tour was in March 2015.



More information about Billy's Make A Smile Appeal at www.makeasmile.co.uk


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